Friday, February 13, 2009

Etsy Papermakers Guild Paper Swap.

The wonderful ElenaMary who founded the Etsy Paper Makers Guild recently organized a paper swap among its members. We sent her sheets of our own handmade paper (one for each person participating) and recieved back one sheet from each member. I loved the paper so much, seeing all of the different styles and characters in each sheet, that I thought I would share them with you here!

[Image at Left: ElenaMary in the center and bottom, Pulpa at top left, OakMother on the right]

Many of these sellers I have run across on Etsy already and have admired their work. Now I can actually feel and touch their work and admire it all the more!

Participating members (besides myself) were ElenaMary, Pupla, Oakmother, EvesOriginals, ParellelBotany, BBesigns, CSPaperandBeads, PaintingPam, Lot10Paper, ThePaperButton, Nightcloud, HollySpinner, and RagQueen.

[Pictured right, Lot10Paper in the back, EvesOriginals in the middle, PaintingPam in front]

I loved seeing the different materials people used and the different interpretations of handmade paper. In my work I typically use handmade paper as a support for art, as in to be drawn, written, or painted upon, but some of the guild members treat the paper itself as a work of art, so much so that I feel I should hang it on my wall in a frame!

Some of the papers were very smooth, some even glossy and slick, but others were very rough with plant fibers and shiny inclusions like stars and metallic confetti!

[pictured left: ParellelBotany on the left, BBesigns second from left, CSPaperandBeads third, ThePaperButton on the right]

I'm not sure what I will do with all this paper yet, though the idea of building a journal around each sheet is very appealing. For the moment, I think I will just continually leaf through the sheets and admire them all over and over again. I highly encourage you to check out each of these seller's shops!
[Pictured Right: RagQueen in back, HollySpinner in the middle, Nightcloud in front.]


elenamary said...

Lovely to see our paper here...thanks much for posting it...this was such fun..we should do it again in a year!

parallel-botany said...

Thanks for this great post! I will definitely be following your blog, because paper is where it's at.

I also have a swap post on my blog, but it's not as extensive as yours, it's more like "Eeee! Look what I got!!!!! The end!"

I've got your paper right beside me on the desk :)